Team Katie

To make sure Katie’s legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of those she has touched, Team Katie has established a non-profit foundation, the Katie Oppo Research Fund to honor their hero and to raise funds for cancer research. Team Katie is an exceptional group of friends and family inspired by an extraordinary person whose meaningful life was lived with determination, courage, and integrity.

Katie Oppo gave the team hope from the very beginning when she assessed her diagnosis with a critical eye. By following her example we got our wagons into a circle and rallied around her to protect her from the enemy: Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary, Hypercalcemic Type (SCCOHT). She didn’t flinch when she faced multiple surgeries and four cycles of the most toxic chemotherapy regimens. Instead, she made plans with her family and friends and lived her life as fully as could be imagined under the circumstances. Only Team Katie knows the depth and breadth of what our hero was able to do. We are dedicated to her, and owe her the tribute of raising funds for research to unlock the mystery of a disease that took such a precious life.

While Team Katie recognizes there are many great causes to support, we believe that this one deserves your consideration. Your contributions will help keep Katie’s determination alive and bring light to a disease where hope is a serious challenge.

Board of Directors

The Katie Oppo Research Fund is governed by the Board of Directors listed below.

Elizabeth Oppo – Director
Tony Weber – Treasurer
Andrew Oppo – Director of Media
Nadia Giannopoulos, Edward Conte – Development
Dr. Andrew Menzin – Scientific Advisor
Daniella Calcagni – Special Event Chair/Fun Run