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KORF 5k route

KORF 5k route

The mission of the Katie Oppo Research Fund (KORF) is to increase awareness and fund research for the prevention, treatment, and cure of Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary Hypercalcemic Type (SCCOHT) – a rare and life-threatening disease – as well as all forms of ovarian cancer.
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Possible Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer:

  • Persistent abdominal bloating or nausea
  • Changes in normal energy levels (fatigue)
  • Pain, pressure or tenderness in the pelvic area or lower back
  • Changes in appetite or bowel movements
  • Pressure to empty bladder, difficulty emptying bladder or change in frequency of urination
  • Pain during sex
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Increased abdominal girth
  • Changes in menstruation

* See your gynecologist for regular check-ups or if you have one or many of the above symptoms