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Katie Oppo Research Fund Initiates Study of SMARCA4 Mutation

Memorial Sloane Kettering’s, Dr. Douglas Levine, and his team of researchers, have identified a genetic mutation that appears to play a key role in causing the rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer: Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary–Hypercalcemic Type (SCCOHT). Dr. Levine and his team identified the SMARCA4 mutation as a contributing factor in promoting or blocking cancer growth in this rare tumor. “I don’t know of many cancers where there’s one gene that is universally mutated and seems to be driving the disease,” says Levine. His findings are reported online in the journal Nature Genetics. For more information, read the article Aggressive Ovarian Cancer May Be Caused by a Single Gene Mutation by Jim Stallard.

Winter Concert 2014–huge success!

Thank you once again to the amazing performers who donated their time and talent to the Katie Oppo Memorial concert held at Munsey Park School auditorium! Hats off to the Manhasset School District for their constant support!

Our 2014 concert featured the awesome, retro sounds of the reunited Great Neck band, The Rockets, as well as the contemporary sounds of our own Manhasset High freshmen Dan Oppo on lead guitar and Gavin Olsen on drums and Port Washington vocalist Bart Fuch and bass guitarist, Adam Tuch.

We were lucky to have an outstanding solo vocal performance by varsity Coach Simpkins–who stole the show with his amazing voice and the super talented guitarist who accompanied him Jake Atherton, who is also a solo virtuoso–thanks coach and Jake–what a team you turned out to be!

A huge thank you to Dr. Douglas Levine of Memorial Sloane Kettering who was on hand to deliver the long anticipated update from our first research grant. We await the publication of his successful results and look forward to continuing our support of this important ovarian cancer research.

The Queens College Dance team was also on hand lending the beauty of our own Caterina Anastasia and all of her lovely, talented team-mates!

We were lucky to have another awesome band, new to our stage this year–Alter Ego of Port Washington, featuring Keith Bresowsky, Patty Atkins, and Jeremy Michaels.

Thanks to all of our volunteers, and most of all to our supporters–we can not continue to fund research without you.


2014 KORF Winter Concert February 8th

The third annual KORF Winter concert will be held at Munsey Park auditorium in Manhasset, at 7:30 PM on Saturday February 8th 2014. Tickets are available for presale at A&F Market on Plandome Rd. 2 for $20.00. Tickets will also be available for $15.00 at the door. We will be featuring live local bands and the Queens College Dance Troupe.  All proceeds will go directly to ovarian cancer research and prevention.