Northwell Health Grant


The Katie Oppo Research fund (KORF) is proud to announce its 2017 grant to Northwell Health to fund a clinical trial for patients diagnosed with advanced stage III and stage IV ovarian cancer. KORF’s goals are to honor Katie Oppo’s memory, raise awareness, and find prevention, treatment, and cure for all forms of ovarian cancer.

Katie Oppo was raised in Manhasset and was a nineteen-year-old pre-med student at Johns Hopkins University, as well as a research intern at Northwell Health, the summer of 2010. That August she returned from a family vacation and was diagnosed with stage IV Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary-Hypercalcemic Type (SCCOHT), a very rare and devastating form of ovarian cancer.

Katie was also a volunteer at Northwell Health the summer of 2009 — which is why it is so fitting that KORF has come full circle to fund this clinical trial, which might have extended her life, had it been available.

Katie, her family, and her friends never gave up hope for a cure. Although she passed on April 11, 2011, her memory lives on in the Research Fund.  KORF continues the fight for a cure and the desire to help others with ovarian cancer. We believe that funding this clinical trial at Northwell Health gives back to the community that rallied around Katie — a community she dearly loved.

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